Welcome to Multicultural Nation! Today, Hispanics (16.9%), African-Americans (13.1%), Asian-Americans (5.1%) and Native Americans/Pacific Islanders (1.4%) are almost 115 million people, representing over 36% of the country. For the past decade, the Multicultural population has been the driving force in the United States economically, culturally, and politically and will only become more important going forward. Furthermore, with the Millennial Generation, (also known as “Generation Y”, 18-34 year olds) set to become the largest consumer group in the country, approximately 40% today are Multicultural and these numbers will only grow!

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Despite the rise of Multicultural Nation, we haven’t seen the same type of growth in the Media, Marketing & Advertising industry. Whether it’s a media agency, a media company or a client, the challenge is the same. Everyone is looking for the next generation of Multicultural talent. It is well documented that Multicultural professionals are underrepresented across the board. Companies know that they need Multicultural talent not just for diversity reasons but more importantly for business reasons. Yet, finding the talent is hard!

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While it may be hard for companies, it’s even harder for the students! In an industry built on relationships, it is often difficult to make the right connections and meet the right people. Indeed, while getting any kind of job in this marketplace is a challenge, It is even more challenging for aspiring Multicultural students looking to get their foot in the door and start a career in the Media, Marketing & Advertising industry. Given that there is little documentation about the business, how are Multicultural student able to compete and learn about the business of Media, Marketing & Advertising? So the talent gap continues. Until now!

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As the leading Multicultural media agency, Publicis Media has gathered some of the best companies in the industry to support the Multicultural Talent Pipeline (MCTP) Forum. The MCTP Forum is an annual educational immersion into the Media, Marketing and Advertising business, bringing Multicultural students from participating colleges and universities to New York during Advertising Week. Industry leaders give a real-world perspective on all the key areas of the business including media strategy, planning, buying, digital, analytics and branded entertainment. Let’s close the talent gap and build the pipeline for the next generation of Multicultural talent!